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Tag Archives: West Palm Beach Homeowners Insurance Lawyers


How Long Does My Homeowners’ Insurance Company Have to Evaluate my Claim?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Most homeowners’ insurance policies require immediate notice to the insurance company of damage to your home so that the insurance company may determine whether the damage is a covered-loss and to prevent further damage. That leads to one of the most common questions we hear from clients with homeowners’ insurance problems: How long does… Read More »


What Is a Homeowners’ Insurance Company’s Duty to Defend?

By Celeste Law Firm |

We have often discussed the rights and duties between you and your homeowners’ insurance in the context of property damage claims. But what about third-party claims–that is, what happens when someone sues you for an allegedly dangerous condition on your property that they claim has caused them injury? The Duty to Defend Your homeowners’… Read More »


Flood Insurance: Do You Have it, Do You Need it and Are You Covered?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Despite all the rain and the risk of hurricanes, many Floridians don’t give much thought to flooding. At least in South Florida, flooding absent a tropical storm is not common, and scenes of streets underwater and cars flooding are not frequent occurrences here. That means that flood insurance is not the first thing on… Read More »


Does it Pay to Shop For Better Homeowner’s Insurance Rates?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Many people take whatever homeowner’s policy is available to them, and don’t give much thought to cost. It’s not that they don’t care what they pay—surely they do—but many just don’t think that price shopping will do any good, because all homeowner’s insurance premium prices are about the same. But, in fact, the high… Read More »


Landslide Exclusions to Coverage

By Celeste Law Firm |

When it comes to homeowners insurance, unfortunately there are many exclusions to coverage. One of these that can affect particularly wet, subtropical areas is the exclusion to landslides and mudslides. If your home has suffered damage due to a landslide, mudslide, or any shift in the earth, you need to get in contact with… Read More »


Insurance Claim Issues with Airbnb

By Celeste Law Firm |

Hosting travelers and vacationers in your home through Airbnb is a great way to make some extra money and meet new people. Maybe your primary goal is just to earn enough to afford the home makeover that was necessary to rent your place out, or Airbnb has become your primary source of revenue. However,… Read More »


Citizens Insurance Wants More Control over Who Manages Repairs to Your Property

By Celeste Law Firm |

If you have damage to your home that is covered by your homeowners’ policy, you may think that your troubles are over. After all, the insurance company agreed to pay a reasonable sum for whatever damage was caused by your house. But you may find that the insurance company’s agreement to cover your damages… Read More »


HO3 vs. HO5 Homeowners Insurance Policies

By Celeste Law Firm |

The HO3 homeowners insurance policy is the most popular in Florida and throughout the U.S., according to the National Association of Insurance Commissions. While this standard HO3 policy is less expensive, it does not cover as many perils as an HO5 policy. To learn more about your homeowners insurance options, or to discuss a… Read More »


Policy Exclusions for Chinese Drywall

By Celeste Law Firm |

“Chinese drywall” is a low quality, toxic drywall that was imported from China to the U.S. between 2001 and 2009, and in just a few years, more than 100,000 homes in the U.S. were outfitted with this hazardous product, according to NPR. The drywall emits toxic fumes that not only cause corrosion to plumbing… Read More »


Power Surge Exclusions

By Celeste Law Firm |

A power surge is an extreme spike in your home’s electrical line, and a power spike can cause damage or destruction to a variety of expensive electrical devices. A surge protector will not protect against very high spikes, such as an electrical surge from lightning. Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover power… Read More »

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