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Category Archives: Social Security Disability


New Social Security Laws: Good and Bad News

By Celeste Law Firm |

The President often unveils his new budget proposals months in advance of when the budget has to be actually voted on by Congress, and, in most cases, the final budget looks much different than what the President proposed. Still, it is somewhat concerning that President Trump, in 2019, has proposed a budget for 2020… Read More »


When Should You Reapply After Being Denied Social Security Disability?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Our legal system isn’t perfect, which means that some people that need help or relief, don’t get the help that they need. When it comes to Social Security, some people that need help, don’t get it because they are denied benefits at any given stage in the application process. However, the law does not… Read More »


How to Receive Spousal Social Security Benefits

By Celeste Law Firm |

If you suffer a disease or diseases or are injured to the point that you can no longer work, you may be entitled to collect Social Security benefits. However, what you may not know is that, in certain situations, your spouse may be able to receive benefits as well. Spousal benefits are only available… Read More »


Working with Your Doctor to Help Your Disability Case

By Celeste Law Firm |

If you are sick, injured or disabled, and apply for Social Security, it may seem obvious that nobody knows your medical status the way your own doctors do. They have seen your progress or decline, they have taken and seen diagnostic tests, and are in the best position to evaluate whether you are truly… Read More »


Survey Shows What Conditions Are Most Likely to Get Social Security Disability Approval

By Celeste Law Firm |

It often seems that every application for social security disability gets denied, at least at first. However, not every disability case is the same. Rather than look at disability approval rates as a whole, it can be helpful to look at approval rates by factors such as location or the type of condition the… Read More »


Government Considers Monitoring Social Security Applicants’ Social Media Pages

By Celeste Law Firm |

A while back, we wrote about the many twists and turns of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, and here’s yet another to add to the list. Government Considers Rule Allowing Monitoring The government is considering allowing, by rule, the Social Security Administration to search disability applicants’ social media pages to see whether your… Read More »


Partially Favorable Disability Rulings and Changes in Onset Dates Can Cut Benefit Awards

By Celeste Law Firm |

When you go to a Social Security disability hearing, you either win disability benefits, or you lose the case and get no benefits. At least, that’s what the general public may believe. In practice, there’s an entire area in between these two extremes, called the “partially favorable decision.” Whether such a decision is something… Read More »


What Is the Social Security Compassionate Allowance Program?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Is it possible to obtain Social Security benefits in about two weeks to two months? Yes it is, although rarely, possible under the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowance Program (CAP). The CAP Program The program awards disability benefits on an expedited basis to those with serious or fatal diseases. There are over 200 diseases… Read More »


What is the Waiting Time for Social Security Disability Hearings?

By Celeste Law Firm |

It is common knowledge that it can take some time to obtain Social Security benefits. But a recent article points out just how long the wait time can be, highlighting the difficulties that those who need benefits face. The Process of Making a Claim It’s important to understand the basic phases of a disability… Read More »


How do Drug and Alcohol Addiction Affect a Social Security Disability Claim?

By Celeste Law Firm |

For many people suffering from chronic conditions or enduring pain as a result of an injury or an illness, there may be indications in medical records of drug or alcohol abuse. If you have abused either one, you should tell your treating doctors—honesty is the best policy and your doctors need to know if… Read More »

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