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Power Surge Exclusions

By Celeste Law Firm |

A power surge is an extreme spike in your home’s electrical line, and a power spike can cause damage or destruction to a variety of expensive electrical devices. A surge protector will not protect against very high spikes, such as an electrical surge from lightning. Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover power… Read More »


OSHA Investigations Following Workplace Fatalities

By Celeste Law Firm |

An employee of a plumbing company was working to repair a broken storm sewer, which had caused a minor sinkhole north of Boynton Park, when he was killed by an explosion, as reported by The Palm Beach Post. Water from a nearby lake was seeping into an eight by three foot sinkhole surrounding the… Read More »


Should an Injured Undocumented Worker Risk Filing a Claim?

By Celeste Law Firm |

An undocumented worker severed his fingers down to the bone when he was cutting concrete blocks. When the injured worker reported the injury to his supervisor as is required under Florida Workers’ Compensation law, he was fired. And, to add insult to injury, his boss reported him to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement… Read More »


Train Collisions

By Celeste Law Firm |

Two people in less than one week were killed while crossing in front of the Brightline train in South Florida, as reported by USA Today. The first casualty was a Boynton Beach woman who drove her car through the already dropped guard rails in an attempt to beat the train. The second was a… Read More »


What Constitutes a Valid Offer on a Covered Loss?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Insurance is a lucrative business, whether it is medical, homeowner’s, auto, or any other kind. Why? Because most people do not need to use their insurance very often, or ever when it is for something like homeowner’s coverage, and when they do, their premiums that they have paid for years to their insurance company… Read More »


How is an Attorney Paid in a Homeowners’ Insurance Case?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Most attorneys collect legal fees on a contingency basis for homeowners’ insurance claims. A contingency fee means that your attorney only gets paid if they win your case. Their fee is usually one third of the settlement (according to the American Bar Association), or up to 40 percent if the case goes to trial… Read More »


What is a Covered Loss?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Your homeowner’s insurance pays for damages only when the insured property in question is covered. A covered loss, or a covered peril, could be your roof during the event of a fire, or your garden shed during the event of a hurricane. An attorney can help you figure out what is covered in your… Read More »


Duty Disability From Florida’s Retirement System (FRS)

By Celeste Law Firm |

When can a Union Worker Can Receive Duty Disability Under Florida’s Retirement System? The Florida Retirement System (FRS) provides disability coverage to those enrolled in the FRS pension plan or investment plan when they are incapable of performing the essential duties of their employment as a result of an injury or illness that happened… Read More »


The Importance of a Special Needs Trust for SSI

By Celeste Law Firm |

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are a major part of millions of Americans’ lives, particularly those who have special needs. Qualifying for SSI benefits as a special needs recipient is much harder to accomplish than one may think, and part of that is making the financial cut set by the Social Security Administration. If… Read More »


What Does Date Last Insured (DLI) Mean?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Receiving disability is a vital part of millions of Americans’ lives. Currently, 10,450,000 Americans receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, successfully applying for and receiving these benefits can be complex, and being accepted into this program depends on a wide range of criteria. The date last insured (DLI) is the date before which… Read More »

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