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Category Archives: Homeowners Insurance


Do I Need Homeowners’ Insurance?

By Celeste Law Firm |

If you have a mortgage with a bank, the lender will require that you purchase insurance to protect the home against fire, natural disasters, and other types of damage. Homeowners’ insurance can be purchased at a very low rate for beginning packages, and there is no reason that a homeowner should ever go without… Read More »


Types of Homeowners’ Insurance

By Celeste Law Firm |

According to ValuePenguin, Florida has the highest rate of homeowners’ insurance claims in the country. This is because Florida is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and a “rainy” season. Before you ever need to submit a claim to insurance for your home and possessions, it is wise to consider what insurance you… Read More »


Vandalism Claims

By Celeste Law Firm |

If you are the unfortunate victim of home vandalism, the last thing you need right now is to be denied coverage by your homeowners’ insurance. However, vandalism claims are often denied. Insurance companies routinely offer low settlements for vandalism, arguing that the damage you have suffered is much less than what you claim. If… Read More »


Denied Mold Claim

By Celeste Law Firm |

Was your mold claim denied by your homeowners’ insurance provider, or did they offer a settlement that is simply far too low to repair the damage? If so, there is still hope. A large percentage of mold claims are denied the first time around by insurance companies, and you may have nothing to worry… Read More »


Roof Damage

By Celeste Law Firm |

What is the most important part of the house? The foundation, walls, or the roof? There is no true answer to that because without one, everything fails. However, the roof is the most likely to suffer damage in Florida. Whether your roof damage was caused by a tropical storm or subpar construction, your homeowners’… Read More »


Future of the National Flood Insurance Program

By Celeste Law Firm |

As private insurance companies have realized that providing flood damage insurance is unprofitable, the federal National Flood Insurance Plan (NFIP) is virtually the only insurer left standing against flood damage. That may all change in the coming years, or even sooner, now that the program is set to expire September 2017, according to the… Read More »


West Palm Beach Flood/Water Damage Lawyer

By Celeste Law Firm |

Florida gets a lot of rain. In fact, West Palm Beach receives 62.4 inches of precipitation every year, according to U.S. Climate Data. With all that rain, including the extra precipitation that tropical storms bring in in the form of rain and storm surge, West Palm Beach is a prime location for flood and… Read More »

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