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Eye Injuries


Personal Injury and Unsafe Products: Car Collisions, Slip and Falls, and More

Most eye injuries caused by auto collisions are due to air bags and broken glass. Some airbags have been recalled because of their tendency to cause facial burns and serious eye wounds, sometimes causing blindness. If you were injured in a crash caused by another driver, and suffered an eye injury from your airbag, you may have two routes to pursue: compensation from the negligent party or compensation from the car manufacturer if it can be proven that you were sold a faulty product. Blindness may also be caused by traumatic brain injury, such as in a slip and fall accident, by exposure to toxic chemicals, and much more.

Stray Flying Golf Balls Cause Partial Blindness to San Diego Scientist

A City of San Diego employee was standing outside on the campus of Scripps Research Institute where she worked, when a stray golf ball hit her, damaging her eye and causing partial blindness. Her employer’s workers’ compensation carrier covered the cost of her medical bills and lost wages. Pain and suffering, for which there was obviously a considerable amount, is not covered by workers’ compensation. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, the employee could have sued the “golfer” if he was a third party and not a co-employee, who has immunity like  the employer under Florida’s workers’ compensation statute.

A West Palm Beach Lawyer is here to Help

If your eyes or face were injured in any way, whether at work or by a third party, the West Palm Beach lawyers of the Celeste Law Firm are eager to provide experienced legal assistance. Call us today at 561-478-2447.



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