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Monthly Archives: May 2019


Can a Plaintiff Who is Drunk When an Accident Occurs Still Recover Damages?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Even though someone may act negligently and cause us injury, the law recognizes that all of us have an obligation to do what we can to protect ourselves, to try to avoid injury, or to try to minimize our own injuries, to the extent possible. This is why if a plaintiff (the victim in… Read More »


Texting While Driving Laws Are Getting Tougher

By Celeste Law Firm |

Lawmakers in Florida are calling for stricter laws regarding distracted driving, like texting. Distracted Driving is a Secondary Offense Lawmakers are aware of the texting behind the wheel problem, which is why it is illegal to text and drive in Florida and has been since 2013. However, texting is not a primary offense. That… Read More »


Government Considers Monitoring Social Security Applicants’ Social Media Pages

By Celeste Law Firm |

A while back, we wrote about the many twists and turns of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, and here’s yet another to add to the list. Government Considers Rule Allowing Monitoring The government is considering allowing, by rule, the Social Security Administration to search disability applicants’ social media pages to see whether your… Read More »


Indoor Trampoline Parks Can Cause Serious Injuries

By Celeste Law Firm |

One of the newest trends in fun and recreation is the indoor trampoline park. Inspired by shows like American Ninja Warrior and fueled in popularity by surging interest in health and fitness, trampoline parks are sprouting up everywhere. Sadly, they also can lead to catastrophic injuries. What are Trampoline Parks? Trampoline parks are indoor… Read More »


Can You Get Living Expenses From Your Homeowners’ Insurance?

By Celeste Law Firm |

Assume that your property is damaged, and that your homeowners’ insurance has agreed to make the necessary repairs. There doesn’t seem to be any fight over how much it will take to bring your property back to normal, or how to make the repairs. You’re all set, correct? Well, maybe not. Additional Living Expenses… Read More »


Compensation for the Spouse of a Victim of Negligence

By Celeste Law Firm |

When we, or a loved one, are injured due to the negligence of another, we immediately think of compensation for the person who is injured, and with good reason. However, there are instances in which a spouse, who is not directly injured in the accident, can also be entitled to compensation. Consortium Claims When… Read More »


Courts Sometimes Aren’t Certain About the Sovereign Immunity Damage Cap

By Celeste Law Firm |

There are laws that, even after having been on the books for a long time, are still subject to judicial interpretation. A case in point involved the law in which a governmental agency causes someone to be injured. “Sovereign Immunity” “Sovereign immunity” is a concept that bars individuals from suing the state; however, many… Read More »


What Does Temporary Partial Disability Pay?

By Celeste Law Firm |

When it comes to workers’ compensation, we tend to think there are two general categories: Either you are injured and cannot work at all, or you are fully recovered and able to go back to unrestricted work on a full-time schedule for full pay. But that is not the reality for many people recovering… Read More »

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